To introduce a complementary education programme for personal and professional excellence whereby the beneficiaries are enlightened and empowered through the process of self awareness, self-management and self-transformation leading them to realise their inner potential and perform to the best of their ability resulting in proficiency, professional outlook, productivity and efficiency.


The mission is to develop various personal, professional and skills enhancement programmes and deliver them at an affordable cost through competent and professionally qualified practitioners using creative, innovative and interactive methods and techniques.


Dr Lawrence Watson – The Chairman

Dr Lawrence Watson has been involved with international development in UK universities for over thirty years. He is currently Chief Inspector with one of the Home Office approved accreditation bodies in the UK. He is also the Chairman of Kensington Education Foundation.

After teaching posts at Durham and Birmingham City Universities, he became a founder member of staff at Buckingham University, where he served for sixteen years as a member of the team of Executive Deans, with special responsibility for student recruitment, and as head of the School of Languages. There he developed one of the prototypes of the British university international office. In 1991, he joined Northumbria University where he took operational charge of international work, developing customer-focused systems that underpinned a tenfold increase in recruitment of overseas students within a space of three years.

He is an acknowledged expert on educational qualifications throughout the world, frequently called upon by validating and accrediting bodies for advice on comparability tariffs. In this context, he has worked with a number of national governments in the restructuring of their qualifications frameworks. He has also chaired major consortia of UK universities operating in Malaysia and Nigeria. He has worked extensively in Taiwan, India, West Africa, and the countries of the Former Soviet Union. In the 1970s, he pioneered the now widespread alliances between state universities and the private HE college sector in the UK.

Mr Ian Pirie MA (Oxon) Trustee

Mr Pirie has been involved with Higher Education and Training at a senior level for over three decades. He is the Founder Principal of Kensington College of Business, which is one of the leading independent Higher Education Institutions in the UK.

After holding teaching positions at a number of institutions in London, Mr. Pirie went on to establish Kensington College of Business (KCB) in 1982 and developed it into an organisation that is unique in the independent college sector. KCB has been involved in three interrelated areas of work: delivering pre-Bachelors, Bachelors and Masters programmes in the UK; managing transnational education programmes in different countries around the world; and preparing students for the qualifications of leading Chartered Professional bodies such as the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (the ICSA). Some of the partnership initiatives with Chartered bodies have been exclusive to KCB.

As a Trustee, his intention is to promote key education services around the world, which comprises the offering of international-standard qualifications to learners to enhance their personal and career development prospects.

 Mrs Anita Mukherjee – Trustee

Anita has over two decades of corporate experience in various management roles working in various esteemed multinational organisations in the UK, specialising in Business Improvement, Change Management, IT Service Delivery, Performance Management, P3O operations, Enterprise PMO, P3M3 Maturity Model, Stakeholder Engagement, Project, Programme and Portfolio Management and Governance. She is a qualified management professional, executive coach, life coach, accredited trainer, NLP practitioner and a member of the Institute of Leadership and Management UK.

As a senior management consultant, managing both onshore and offshore staff and motivating them for consistent team morale and performance through coaching and mentoring made her to realise that coaching for performance is equally relevant and essential for professionals from all walks of life to achieve their goals and to become effective, confident and competent professionals. Keeping that in mind, Anita has been instrumental in developing and delivering various professional development and skills enhancement programmes.  

She has also voluntarily organised Awareness Workshops in primary schools in the U.K to spread the awareness amongst school children on socio-economic issues that can impact their future. Additionally, she participated in Legacy Champions Programmes as a mentor on behalf of Électricité de France and was awarded Sustainability Star for her contribution towards social welfare through education.