Develop and enhance the ability to administer, co-ordinate and manage a group of individuals to perform activities and tasks to achieve set objectives and appraise performance.  Become a team player, role model, establish and encourage a collaborative and congenial team working environment.

Enhance personal attributes, emotional intelligence, creativity, decision-making, people management, time management, communication, leadership, team working and problem solving skills. Develop self-confidence, capability to work under pressure and ability to accept and learn from feedback for improved staff morale and productivity and lead a high performing team.  

Enhance the ability to convey and exchange information to one another effectively and efficiently. Share information effectively between people within and outside the organisation to achieve business objectives, foster good working relationship and improve morale and efficiency.   

Teaching professionals plays a vital role in educating and enlightening our next generation for a better tomorrow. In today’s age of digitalisation and globalisation, the challenges and requirements of teaching professionals is varied. The interactive Professional Enhancement workshops aim to help education professionals learn about various models and innovative approach for effective delivery, strategies and techniques for classroom management, performance coaching and best practices in order to gain both professional and personal excellence.