Effective Communication is a key interpersonal skill so learning how to improve communication skill is beneficial. Communication is a two way process so improving communication involves both how we send and receive messages.

Conversational English helps in improving English language as it is today a vital employability skill. Using interactive methods and practical English speaking, writing and listening sessions, learners develop fluent and confident English conversational skills.

Presentation skills are essential in many aspects of our work and life – may it be for assignments at work or professional studies. It is useful to learn various techniques and models for effective presentations.

To increase effectiveness and efficiency, it is important to plan and exercise control over the amount of time spent on specific activities in order to achieve a desired outcome and successful result.

To achieve personal goals and career aspiration, optimal performance and personal excellence is crucial so the drive to change for good and deliver best result each time every time it is important to learn and understand how to enhance performance for personal satisfaction and professional success.

In today’s era of digitalisation and globalisation, it is essential to have Project Management skills for employability as well as career progression. Project is temporary with defined start and end time with distinct scope and resources allocated to it. Project Management skills helps you to apply specific tools, techniques, models, principles and methodologies required to deliver activities and outputs to meet defined success criteria and project goals within the given constraints. 

Personality manifests thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that distinguish individuals from one another. Developing desired traits, behaviours, cognition and emotional patterns for pleasing and impressive personality is mandatory for employability and future career prospects.